Patricia Hardy-Solomon: Administrator

Founder of Kidding Around Day Care and Infant Services. Patricia has over 25 years experience in Early Childhood Development.  Her first day care venture was  Kidding Around Day Care.  It was developed in efforts to provide a quality and enriching day care environment to infants and toddlers. The program was designed to offer a safe and secure environment for parents and their children. The program was a success throughout the community and to that avail Nu Building Blocks was born making it possible for many children in the community to experience a safe, nurturing and loving daycare and preschool environment. Patricia received  her credentials in pre-school education, infant care education and become a preschool administrator .

Ms Dannielle: Pre K Teacher

She is a parent first with 23 years of experience.
She is a devoted mother of two wonderful children. She has been working in the child development field for over 15 years. She’s worked at many schools through out Los Angeles Unified School District and Corona Unified School District. Ms Dannielle has worn many hats while working with children as a teacher’s assistant, play ground supervisor and before and after school care supervisor. She has the passion to teach and guide children. She enjoys mentoring, tutoring, and encouraging children to build self confidence and self-esteem with learning.  Her dreams and goals are to give children in my community a wonderful and quality safe preschool experience. She truly believes that we must start early preparing our  children for future life experiences. She is currently working to earn my B.A in Early Childhood Development with every intention to deliver to every child she encounters a wonderful, high quality and memorable early childhood experience.