Founded in 1995 in efforts to provide a kind and loving environment for children who parents are forced into the workplace.    We provide a safe and nurturing environment for both parents and children while working to meet the demands of todays society.



Nu Building Blocks is to enrich children’s lives through a quality infant care program and pre-school program by modeling positive and developmentally appropriate practices. We are committed to providing quality care and appropriate instruction to children from infancy through kindergarten age in a caring and loving setting. We are rebuilding America’s children one at a time.


Nu Building Blocks Infant Center and Pre-School’s  philosophy is based on the Piagetian principles and learning approach that children develop at their own rate and learn best by experiences.  Our program is designed to encourage active exploration and freedom of choice in an richly equipped learning center environment.  For preschool children we follow developmentally appropriate practices and teacher initiated  activities.  For infants we follow the Resources for Infant Educarer (RIE) program which support and respects each child’s growth and development.