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Looking for Teacher who will be responsible for all aspects of Pre-school classroom management and in actively promoting the academic/social-emotional advancement processes of children


  • Bachelor’s  degree with at least 24 Child Development or Early Childhood Education including core courses in Child Development Units;
  • At least 2 years teaching experience and Demonstrated interest in teaching children;
  • Excellent  communication/interpersonal/organizational skills;
  • Excellent English Language skills – speaking, writing, reading;
  • Tactful use of discretion in listening to and guiding students;
  • Professional approach in communicating with parents/ staff;

Technical Skills:

  • Develops children-activity weekly plans, age-appropriate curricula to stimulate child-development processes;
  • Create and maintain a child-friendly Clean, safe, “learning classroom environment”;
  • Continuously evaluating children’s potential;
  • Participate in on-going development and evaluation of the Center’s goals, objectives and the quality of services to children and families; Reports all staffing and classroom concerns to the Director in a timely manner;
  • In accord with the Teamwork, this person may be asked to carry out other Center-related duties in addition to the duties listed.

Other Skills:

  • Cultural Sensitivity in dealing with all children and staff;
  • Act as an Advocate and Mentor for children; 
  • Demonstrate eagerness to work with all children;
  • Ability to calmly address behavioral challenges;
  • Ability to multi-task and assist all children with their hygiene, social development and well-being;
  • Be a Team-Player and Partner at work.


  • Competitive and Negotiable depending on Applicant’s                 qualification and relative experience