Dear Parents/ Caregivers, Guardians

Welcome to Nu Building Blocks Infant Center and 
Pre-School.  It is our goal and mission to provide a loving  environment and provide educational learning experiences that  meet the developmental needs of infant, preschoolers, kindergarten and school-age children.  Our teachers are well educated in early childhood development and are encouraged  to seek professional development seminars and/or classes to keep abreast of current developmental issues. 
We have an open door policy, parents of enrolled children are welcome to visit our facility at any time. Our teachers welcome parent partnership and involvement.  They love to share what is being transcended  in the classroom daily and the displays of your childrens works with pride for you to see and be a part of. 
Informal communication between parents and teacher occurs daily preferably when your child is dropped off we need to know how his/her night or morning was to know how his/her day will be.   We also give informal and/or formal reports on your child’s day so you will know how his/her evening will be.
 Parents are encouraged to ask for parent/teacher conferences at any time.   Nu Building Blocks realizes the value of parent involvement and encourages each family to participate with the center in making the child’s experience the best it can be. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are interested in assisting as a “Room Parent” or in any other  way.

Nu Building Blocks Staff