Infant and Toddler Care


Infant Care

Our Mission is to enrich childrens lives through quality infant care by modeling positive and develop mentally appropriate practices.

Philosophy:  Our philosophy is based on the Piagetian principles and learning approach that children develop at their own rate and learn best by experiences.  Our program is designed to encourage active exploration and freedom of choice in an richly equipped learning center environment.  For preschool children we follow developmentallly appropriate practices and teacher initiated activites.  For infants we follow the Resources for Infant Educarer (R.I.E.) program which support and respects each child’s growth and development.

How do we achieve these practices: story time daily, feed on demand, explore and discovery time, self esteem building, develop respect and support each child’s growth and development. Each child is encouraged to develop to his/her full potential

How we care for our infants
In the first two years infants and toddlers learn about the world through their senses.  They develop close bonds with special adults and explore things in their environment.
Our role as caregivers in the infant center is to facilite the development of courious children and help them to be indepnedent and foster trust in adults.  The infant program follows the Resources for Infant Educaers philosophy.  Respecting each child as an individual and providing the freedom to develop cognitive, physical, social/emotional skills at the child’s own pace.



As our infants mature and develop into the stages of toddlers we offer many opportunities for growth.  We support and foster these opportunities  through their five senses. Hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, and touching which are very powerful tools for toddlers.  Therefore, our daily lesson plans supports theses very important senses by implementing many sensory  activities, daily reading opportunities, manipulatives, coloring, painting and many other experiences that foster and develop a healthy growing child.